The Dorrbell suite of mobile and web apps

Point Of Sale

The Dorrbell POS app enables mobile order capture and payments saved to Salesforce.


Delivery App

Drivers can accept deliveries and find the most-efficient route between pickup and drop-off locations.

Merchant Web Portal

Merchant users can manage inventory, approve orders and create deliveries through a browser.


Work Across Platforms

Ready for deployment on iOS, web, or Android.

Warehouse App

Warehouse staff can scan barcodes for pick and pack scenarios and modify delivery details.


Realtime Database

Data is propagated in realtime across all Dorrbell client apps.

Modern tech stack

Our applications are built using modern web frameworks, platforms and third-party services. The code base works on any deployment target including the web, mobile and desktop. Application architecture was designed with a future migration to private environments in mind.


Built to work with Salesforce Sales Cloud data model

Our apps were built to read/write data from standard Salesforce objects.

Battle-tested and proven.

Our suite applications were deployed to support an open beta pilot program in Portland. We partnered with seven of Portland's top apparel retailers to offer local home clothing delivery to Portland Metro residents. 

Our applications met the demands of over 250 active users who scheduled deliveries on a marketplace powered by our merchant apps. A network of couriers successfully fulfilled deliveries using our mobile delivery app.

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"Dorrbell's delivery platform gave my business a way to sell products to local customers. We were delivering clothes to new customers in a matter of days."

Ellen Hsu
Owner - Vintalier